Fell Asleep In The Tanning Bed


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I got a 2 real winners for you from Winnipeg, Their Names; Chad Evoy and his wife Sabrina Evoy (Caronte) First of Chad is the definition of Dirrrrty! Trust me I know! I use to date the scumbag. He’s been around the block more times then the entire career of a mail-man. He was your typical sweet-talking pretty boy who would make you believe you were the only girl in the world and that he truly loved you… Blah Blah Blah. Then of course you would find out he had SEVERAL girls on the side, practically one for everyday of the week. He has literally been with I swear at least 200 women and definite group sex! Any ways, while living with one women he was having a relationship with his now Wife Sabrina on the side. NOW GET THIS! Chad has convinced Sabrina he has only been with as little as 7 women, and apparently Sabrina was a Virgin.. So why am I putting them up here? Because Sabrina is a very insecure, high maintenance, superficial, materialistic, abusive wife whom, I swear has bi-polar and is delusional. To try and shorten a long story, Sabrina started dating chad and at that point chad was fit and in great shape, she stopped him from seeing his family, she stopped him from seeing his friends and she didn’t allow him to workout b/c of the fear he will cheat.. yes she has reason to worry, but it gets better. This chick convinced chad that his mother and family b/c they are lower income are scum and they should not be involved in his life, therefore she has restricted his family from seeing his two boys or him. This is the same chick who wears ridiculous make up, has her titties hanging out because that’s all she has for looks, she is a complete fake, fake personality, fake looks, fake tan. She walks around like she’s gods gift to man, and has a silver spoon so far up her ass you can see it shining through her man nostrils. She is the type that expects to sit on her ass while you cater to her every need, and it don’t matter if it breaks the bank! She actually got pissed off at chad because she found a receipt for the engagement ring and flipped out saying the diamond wasn’t big enough and it wasn’t expensive enough!! not even shitting you!! Needless to say Chad is 300-350+ lbs and this chick walks around with her down-syndrome-looking-leather-face, thinking she is better than everyone. She judges people based on income, appearance, and values. She is so insecure with herself she actually stocks chads ex-girlfriends from up to 15 years previously and harasses them calling them sluts, and whores when she doesn’t even know them. Trust me I know First Hand! This Bitch is Crazy, and Needs to be knocked down a few notches. She also needs to realise that Karma is a Bitch. I also want to know two things; Who Knows these two, and Nik Would You??

A fair and helpful trade-off would be not letting her tan.- nik

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