Fishy Felicia Green

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this scuzzbag right here is Felicia Green. And get this, she actually calls herself by the name Fishy! NO JOKE! Some kind of thing about how she ” drinks like a fish ” as if that’s something to be proud about. She tries to act like shes the best thing in the world, trying to fight in with the guys and act like one of them. She talks like a guy and dresses like a total sk*nk. She wouldn’t know class if it bit her in her fat *ss! She acctually thought she could steal my man wearing that ugly cat suit ( could only get a face shot ) and when I called her on it the dumb b*tch said he was the one trying to call her over and over, I threatened to go down there with my cousin and she said she was going to call the COPS and then out her mother on the phone! What a joke! B*tch moved back in with her mom after she f*cked up so bad her bf at the time, my best friends brother, my good friend. A very well known and liked guy in Campbell River killed himself. This b*tch right here drove him so f*cking insanely depressed that he acctually felt like he couldnt take it anymore! She had it all with him! He got her name down his arm got her a nice ring bought a house with a couple dogs the whole works and what does she do? Sleep with everybody in the town she hasn’t already fucked! Her face looks like a trout ( as you can see ) so many people want to find her but she hides around, only goes out at night time with her fat stumpy body guards. Tried to set up a friend named Roxy with her stumpy bodyguards. This girl is by far the biggest joke in Campbell River and I would just love if you could blast her and give everybody back home a good laugh! ;) I mean come on, look at that.

At least she was smart enough to know that noone wanted to see her treading water with her top off, and for that I commend her.- nik

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