Flabby Nasty Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Amber Guernsey (Hartman). This fat, nasty whore is something else! I discovered this bitch’s disgusting sex pics in my ex’s phone. A little background on her… she had a kid at 15, dropped out of school and lived on welfare with her mom so she could party all day and not work. Fast forward a about 8 years of mooching off the system and she actually managed to get some poor guy to marry her and she popped off two more kids. So she’s been cheating on her husband, sending gross sex pics of her sloppy vagina (complete with a trashy tattoo) and floppy tits to my now ex. I feel bad for her husband because I think he honestly believes her when she lies about not seeing other dudes. God only knows how many guys she has slept with and how many diseases she has spread throughout her crack head town. Nik, I just want to put this chick on blast!


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