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Flagstaff Hoe

Flagstaff Hoe

Flagstaff Hoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Allie Spohn well known by the athletes around Arizona and plenty other states in our wonderful union. She GETS AROUND, look up slut in the dictionary and it’ll show her picture. She ONLY has sex with black athletes, she’s a gold digger who loves attention. She’s f***ed half the football players at ASU and a few athletes at NAU. She homie hops like its nothing, she’ll stick anyone in her. She buys her guys gifts alllllll the time, probably so they’ll stay in contact with her, sex and gifts what more can a guy ask for? She’s a WHALE too, so disgusting. She claims to be at the gym everyday but her stomach hangs so low that you can tell by first glance she’s lying. Nik, help to warn ALL THE BLACK ATHLETES IN THE UNITED STATES that miss spohn has most likely already hooked up with one of their teammates/friends/roommate etc. She’s disgusting, and needs to get checked frequently. Please do the world a favor and stop sleeping around slore!

She looks like a spudding potato.- nik

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