Floridas Trash


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Floridas trash

Floridas trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik could you please put this grimey b*tch in her place. She thinks she’s super hot and that no one is better than her. Although she’s got thunders and a glorious gut to go along with that hotter than everyone attitude. She will do anything and I mean anything male, female, dog, cat, RR, timberfake, etc. She has two kids who she’s not quite sure who the father is. So she tries guessing and putting them off on whoever she feels like. Getting married but still wants to f*ck anything that will pay attention to her oh and did I mention she’s pregnant but that ain’t stopping this lovely lady from sitting on other d*ck. She’s Floridas finest. So I guess my question to you Nik is would you? Cause I know I wouldn’t not even with a full body condom.

Answer: No, her hair is painted on.- nik

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