Fonzie Gandolfo

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THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Fonzie Gandolfo. He is the biggest dead beat I have ever met in my life. He stoops so low that he called his own SON a little faggot. His son is 2 years old…. He beat his EX girlfriend numerous times in front of me and other people. THANK GOD she left his sorry ass. He is on probation for de*th threats to his baby mama, she was 8 months pregnant when he threatened to k**l her. He is FILLED with drd’s… He beats his own mother. He beat his mom up so bad she was in the ICU. This piece of fcking shit deserves to get his face knocked in more then once. His baby mom has full custody of his son which is a fcking god send. I wouldnt trust this fucking moron around my kids. He sells drugs, robs houses and steals from his OWN FAMILY. He claims he’s from BUFFALO NY, but he was born and raised in HAmilton HAHAHA! His favorite word is NIG***, BRO YOURE WHITE…. He will fck anything and everything so watch out ladies he might get you knocked up OR give you a fcking disease.

Sounds like a made up name for his online trolling.- nik

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