Forhidden Crossed The Wrong Girl

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Forbidden got herself into some trouble over the weekend. Her ex bf got engaged and for whatever reason she felt the need to send him nude pics. His new fiance then edited them up and put them on fb. She is in her mid 20’s, uneducated, and works at a bikini bar. She has been close to marriage with a quite a few men in the past. The guy in the picture is the guy their fighting over, Brian Gordon. If you take a close look the name on his neck is his ex wife. That tattoo goes nicely with the other one on his face! Brian supposedly runs his own business, but in reality he is a struggling loser hooked on oxy. Looks like the three of them are all matches made in heaven.  Click here to see the pictures Cassie posted on FB of Forhidden.

I don’t understand why Forhidden wastes her time fighting for 909 love. She is the face of MySpace… she should be on a boat somewhere in the south of France getting plowed by smelly rich dudes.- nik

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