Former Finding Prince Charming Star Now Wants To Date Girls?

Former Finding Prince Charming Star Now Wants To Date Girls?

Last year, LOGO took on the first reality show to focus on a gay man searching for love, entitled Finding Prince Charming. It was basically a gay version of The Bachelor.

“Prince Charming” was Robert Sepulveda Jr. and the winner of the season ended up being Eric Leonardos.

Recently, it seems, things have changed for Sepulveda Jr., as he posted a rather interesting- albeit odd- video to his Instagram.

“So I can’t even go on a hike without people asking me about my relationship status,” Sepulveda Jr. begins the video with. “Am I single? Am i not single? Whats up?”

“Listen, coming off a reality show really f***s with your mind,” he continues. “I live in LA now and thankfully I have a couple production companies that are interested in doing shows with me so I’m gonna focus on that and my pocketbook, because, at the end of the day, nobody’s gonna take care of me but me.”

So what is the point of this video?

Sepulveda Jr. goes on to say that, “Eric is a super, super, super sweet guy, but we’re not together and I’m completely, completely single.”

Then, in a shocking turn of events, he shares that, “I’m probably just gonna start dating girls anyway so hit me up on Instagram and Twitter and say what’s up. Anyways, that’s that. Take that to the presses.”

We have to say we didn’t see this one coming, especially given how much he seemed to enjoy all of the men while on the show, coupled with some explicit videos of him that had surfaced during his time on the show.

It will be interesting to see if he ends up on a dating show again with the focus being on him finding a woman.

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