THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why do news broadcaster, media and sport radio shows keep advocating Bad Athletes? Athletes who who don’t pay child support or foster a relationship with their own children should not be allowed to voice their opinion publicly! Marvin Jones 1st round- 4th pick in the NFL has 5 kids by 4 different women! Something has to be said about Marvin Jones making over 30 million during his NFL career but owing over $300,000 in child support and countless money to the IRS. These type of shows need to ban athletes who represent themselves as good standing men amongst the community! All the fans who tune in to the MARVIN JONES RADIO SHOW every Wednesday need to be ask MARVIN JONES the ultimate question, “Why don’t you put the effort you did on the field into raising your 5 children?” It’s absolutely degrading to the PUBLIC to take advice from this show!

What is 300k to someone who has 30 million?- nik