Fort Collins Home Wrecker


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Fort Collins Home Wrecker

Fort Collins Home Wrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik – So this is Sasha, she runs a bunch of the shitty college bars and clubs here in Fort Collins, but I want all girls to know to keep their men away from her. She f*cks guys with girlfriends, and stole my friend’s boyfriend last year. She apparently dated a bunch of famous surfers and punk band singers and is obviously a walking STD. She thinks she runs sh(t in this town, when really she is just a used and abused whore. I just want everyone who reads The Dirty to know to stay away from this slut, chances are if you f*ck her she will even end up painting a picture for you… what a crazy bitch!

She seems like a gold digger, she will do anything to latch onto some money…you can tell she spends a lot of time on photoshop as well.- nik

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