Frank The Prank

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik , this is Frank Philion, I think everyone needs to know the truth about this guy, he is my baby dad, he is not a pedophile , he would not ever touch his daughter or any other kid in that way. Altho he is a liar and a fake, he will play games between his girlfriend and me all the time, to make him look good. Nik this guy calls me all the time with attitude when Tammy is around but when she isn’t he is always trying to find ways to meet up for a coffee and talk things out, which is not going to happen. The truth about this guy is that if he does’nt get his way he will start pulling pranks like sending food taxis, police with guns , ambulances ect, to my home where his daughter lives. He has also tried to flood my house , set a baby blanket on fire in the house while his baby girl was sleeping in the next room, I was outside smoking. T[removed]ve saved me a lot of greif. He choked me out with his daughter in my arms and me being self aware that she was in my arms I held on tight, he also punched me in the face with his daughter on my lap. This man has 2 other children with another very nice lady, again he kicked her out of her own house and claimed everything she owned while she and her daughter had to move into a shelter cause he claimed the house. Frank has no good intentions at all. He is a racist,liar,cheater and so much more. I could go on and on about him however I will not do that. Another thing is that he lives with a women named Tammy Villeneuve, this women heard a rumor about frank the man she loves so much about him touching his daughter, instead of defending him like I did, she bashed him all over facebook, twitter ect… that he was a pedophile, yet he still stays with her the women who made a bad rep bout him. This boy is not to be trusted with anything. Hima nd his brother put Trampy Tammy on the dirty and started bashing her and her children even naming schools that they go to.. This is just a love story that had went wrong. I hope one day Frank grows up and becomes the father of his kids that they need a positive out look in life.

Why do you keep posting this clown?- nik

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