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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik his is Rosie Louise, I met her on plenty of fish. She has multiple boyfriends and open relationships. She thinks that because she is a model, she can get any guy she wants, and it is ok to ignore me right in the middle of conversations, coming back 3 or 4 hours later, and would post things on her Facebook about how she likes hard core sex all the time, I thought she liked me, so I talked to her all of the time, when she needed someone to text to, she always disappears for hours at a time without responding around 3 am to 6 am, then she comes back and says, oh I was with my gay friends, or I was taking off my makeup. she sends me semi nude photos once in a while and one had a guy
in the background, watching her while she was changing and trying on skirts. she wanted me to come over the first night I met her. but I was not in town at the time. over the next month or so she tortured me with her overt sexual-ism the whole time, by ignoring me, dating other guys, and being an over all bitch to me. after showing her, she Is the only one I want and she keeps pushing me away while sinking her fangs deeper. this caused me to have a mental breakdown and go to the hospital. which i recovered from today. she talked for a minute this morning and then disappeared again when i needed her the most and someone to talk to. and then never answered the phone, so I quit trying and typed this up. , can only imagine what she picked up last night. I am posting this now because we were just talking and now she disappeared and is torturing me by ignoring me.

Classic two armed body cover…- nik

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