French Meat Was Never Clean

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is the grand ole Sonia Proulx, aged about 21 now,she can’t help but lie about her age and partner status, she’s been supposedly raped 8 times by going to clubs and bars; but in reality she just lets random guys pick her up and gets taken back to their place so she can get fcked by a couple men who won’t treat a slut like her right… She’s got a certain plan for every guy she meets at the clubs and after their sexual encounter she will sneak around their home and take what she can for her own enjoyment, if she can get the keys to your home she will time it right and take the rest of what you have when you aren’t there.. I’ve known this from personal experience. She still lives with her mother and step father. Sonia HAD a pretty good life to start off with but clearly fucked it up royally when she became an addict to kleptomania and speed.. What she does to pass her time is physically abuse her own members in her family… I feel so sorry for what her mother had to pop out. Sonia throws tantrums if her mother doesn’t buy her a pack of macdonald red cigarettes EVERYDAY, she throws plastic cups at her mother’s head, tell’s her step father how it is, and pushes HER OWN younger brother Phillip down a flight of stairs when he walks to slow down each step… I’ve seen it happen before and boy it wasn’t a pretty sight. She enjoys making others feel uncomfortable and can’t help but bully other’s for her personal satisfaction. She’s a racist hog pit of slime and cannot be trusted. Every guy she’s ever dated she’s stolen and lied to too get her way and if they slowly began to catch on she was cheating she would pull the RAPE CARD!!!! It’s unbelievable how many times she’s done it… I’m so digusted. Keep tons of locks around, keep your men locked up! She’s got no problem beating the shit out of your girlfriend to have a one night stand. You can smell the stench of her fowl dried up beefy curtains a mile away maybe two. Try to stay in the clear of her or her posse of french canadian sewer sluts, she’s got no problem sicking her dogs(friends) on you, because remember.. Whatever she says goes.

Claiming rape makes you look worse then a sloot.  Control your alcohol.- nik

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