Freshman Alcoholic Sloot

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Angela Markus is noting but a dirty drunk sloot who cannot handle her alcohol. First of all the slut NEVER STOPS talking. She just moved here from nasty ass Yuba City, and goes to Butte College, and needs a reality check. Whenever she drinks she drinks to the point that she always pukes all over herself in public. She is not only an embarassment to herself but everyone else around her. She dated some black guy, whom she gave an drd too at the beginning of the semester, then he dumped her, probably because of her roast beef pssy she shows to everyone when she is out partying. She also tells people she doesnt smoke or do drugs, yet I have seen her smoke weed (like a little bitch), and snort bathsalts. She needs to stop trying to drink to “fit in” with everone, and realize that no one in Chico likes her obnoxious self. Go back to the shit hole she came from, hoe.

Judging by her thighs there will be many more midriff cover-ups to come.- nik

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