Fresno Gold Digging Girl

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kim Pham, body of a 12 year old with a 50 year old face. Get some sleep boo boo, you look like a crackhead with eye bags under eye bags. This chick tells everyone she\’s single, but wears her engagement ring talking to other dudes. Kim is always complaining about her \”ex\” aka baby daddy and says she can\’t stand him. But this girl goes on trips with her baby daddy and stayed in the same room, so what does that make her? Stupid. She runs her mouth on twitter thinking she\’s better, but in fact she sounds stupid as f*ck. She recently got a boob job and her head is at a level 10 and boo boo it needs to be at a level 2. She brags about money by posting her bank deposits and how much she spends. She tries so hard to make people think she\’s rich. Funny thing is, that\’s her baby daddy\’s drug money. Everyone knows he plants weed to sell. She claims she\’s independent and working but she gets a weekly allowance getting paid off like a prostitute whore by her baby daddy/sugar daddy. She must be doing something to keep him around for money. This girl is the biggest hypocrite ever, she talks so much shit on people saying they\’re a hoe or ratchet but she doesn\’t know she\’s describing her own self. She\’s still a hoe even if she\’s an undercover one. Sorry we can\’t all be like you, we don\’t have a sugar daddy loaded with drug money. And we don\’t want to be like you, ugly inside out.

Are you sure she got +2’s?  Doesn’t look like it in these pictures.- nik

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