From An Ex Dirty Celeb

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is coming from ex dirty celeb. I do not think Nik is a bottom feeder, I believe he is, in some twisted way trying to do some good. Sometimes people do need to be called out and be made aware of how they are perceived in the public eye. Occasionally some post do “save” people. If they are being horrible people and think everything is fine this website does just that, they are being posted by someone they know to call them out and hopefully help them. And as for the other thugs like judging girls pictures an telling them they are ugly, well, you have to understand that this website is a business and majority if the users come to look at the girls and the crazy nasty pictures they take. Although I do not agree with that part of the website I do understand why those posts are on here. If a girl us posted and being bullied on a website like this, there is probably a reason she was posted. If she truly is a good girl then she shouldn’t have pictures like these taken, be partying, doing drugs or abandoning their kids or being a sl*t. He’s not attacking you. He’s just letting the world see the person you are and If you are ashamed or embarrassed by it then fix your self, this is not his doing. You are the one in the pictures not him. He knows he has issues and is not scared to let everyone see ten Nik I cannot give you credit or fixing or saving me but I am giving you some recognition in helping me see what kind of person I was and how trashy I was. So thank you.

Let’s play guess the Dirty Celeb?  I will give you a hint… She is from  Dallas and I didn’t stick it in.- nik

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