FULL RECAP: Chris Brown – Drags Sean Kingston’s Mom into Nasty Social Media Battle with Soulja Boy

FULL RECAP: Chris Brown – Drags Sean Kingston’s Mom into Nasty Social Media Battle with Soulja Boy

Nik, looks like Chris Brown dragged Sean Kingston’s Mom into the mix of his day-long social media battle with Soulja Boy …. with the singer posting private convos in which she said she will be kicking Soulja out of her home immediately.

The rappers have been battling it out on social media all day with the beef starting with Soulja allegedly liking a photo posted by Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The singer became enraged by Soulja’s social media love to his ex and called up the rapper to challenge him to a fight … which Brown denies ever happened.

Brown posted on social media that his daughter Royalty “IS 2 AND HAS 5 times more money than SOULJA boy already,” and then proceeded to threaten to kick Soulja Boy’s ass and reached out to boxer Adrien Broner to set up a place for them to throw down.

Soulja fired back by dragging Rihanna and the 2009 domestic violence incident into the drama and accused Brown of drug use … leading to Karrueche Tran leaving her ex a comment telling him the whole situation was nonsense to which he responded, “NOONE ASKED FOR THIS OPINION!!!” then adding, “”IT AINT OVER YOU!! GIRL KEEP THE FAME YOU GOT AND STAY CLASSY!”

Chris posted one last video telling Soulja to stop playing with him and said this beef wasn’t over Karrueche Tran. Chris said, “It’s not over no bitch, not her, she just spoke out of turn”. He went out to say in a matter of two hours Soulja was a gangsta then apologized then tried to call him on different numbers.

The singer wrapped up by warning Soulja to stop or he would be posting text messages from Sean Kingston’s mother saying she was going to be kicking the rapper out of her home where he is allegedly living. Brown said Soulja is living in a little room in her home and has been renting all his other pads in the past.

Brown posted the screenshots of his convo with Sean Kingston’s mom in which she told him “This ni**a leaving my fucking crib. ASAP” and proceeded to tell the singer that Soulja “needs a ass whooping. For real” and told Chris that her son Sean Kingston was too nice to the rapper but that was officially over after today.


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