Gay Porns Upcoming Biggest Doucher

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Gay Porn's Upcoming Biggest Doucher

Gay Porn's Upcoming Biggest Doucher

Gay Porn's Upcoming Biggest Doucher

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as if these photos aren’t clarification enough. This gay, Ronnie-from-Jersey-Shore-look-a-like ranted for years about how many “girls he’s hooked up with” and ran around town boasting about his hideously, short, stubby body which he thinks is attractive. Just recently it’s been discovered his passion for erotic, gay porn. Including: whips, blindfolds, butt-plugs, etc. You may know him as Zack Jenkins, or Zack Santangelo…what the f*ck ever. Unless you’re in tuned with the recent gay porno findings, you may better know him as Solomon, possibly Aspen? He was most famous in high school as the gay, loser on the roids. We’ve all known he’d come out of the closet sooner or later, never did we did imagine with such an elaborate entrance. Just about enough to make me vomit. If it’s not already obvious this guy’s got major insecurities, he’s the biggest asshole you will ever meet, literally. He’ll go on and on about what other people are doing, when he should be focused on his not-so-sure-of-sexuality and the fact he’s the town’s Number One Doucher. ZACK, OR SHOULD I SAY “SOLOMAN”: EVERYONE WHO’S EVER MET YOU THINKS YOU’RE ANNOYING AS SH*T. STOP MAKING TRYING TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE FEEL HORRIBLE ABOUT THEMSELVES, WHEN YOU’VE GOT THE MOST ISSUES OF ‘EM ALL.

I wonder what kinda games he plays with that snake..- nik

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