Gay Pornstar Claims Male Model Fame


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Gay Pornstar Claims Male Model Fame

Gay Pornstar Claims Male Model Fame

THE DIRTY ARMY:This f*ggot is Nick Ortiz. He claims to be a big time model/actor in LA and always says all the shows and magazines that he’s gonna be in but he never is! The only thing he has proof of being in is Playgirl (for the gays) and a latin men calendar which was definetly gay porn! The funniest part is he’s been living in Pueblo, CO…where is that you might ask?! It’s 90 minutes away from Denver, oh and he’s living in his mom’s house! He claims all the money and designer clothes that he has and cars but all he has is his unemployment check and an identity crisis! He thinks everyone wants him and wants to be him. His nipples point down because of all the steriods he does and is always trippin on whatever drugs he decided to take for the day. He claims to be with only models but is only with P-town h*es! put this d-bag on blast and please ask the dirty army to send proof of the gay porn he does….dying to prove that he takes it in the @ss!

Looks like your secret is out, better hide your leather chaps before your mom finds them.- nik

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