Get The Trash Out Of Tempe

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you please help in the fight of getting the ratchet-ass trashy sk*nks away from Tempe and Scottsdale? This girl is named Victoria Finlinson. She is a Mesa white-trash wh*re, who actually believes she’ll become famous with her “rap”. She is a wh*rey ass tramp who sk*nks around Tempe and Scottsdale as if SHE CAN AFFORD TO LIVE THERE. What a joke. The only thing worse than Tempe wh*res, are trashy bitches who live with their PARENTS and sk*nk up just to dorm room jump. Did I mention how she brags constantly on Twitter about the amount of money her parents giver her? Umm, maybe you should make something with your life if your parents constantly give you hundreds and buy you cars as you wreck them. This is a pompous c*nt who needs to be put on blast. And I’m just going off on her big-head, did I not mention her chlamydia and oral DRD? Oops…or maybe her fatass that her own MOTHER feeds her scam diet pills and pays hundreds on weight watchers each year. Ummm…must have forgot. For real, this girl needs to be brought down a peg or two. If you don’t believe me, look up her ratchet-ass on twitter or just wait til she tries to sleep with your boyfriend, your choice.

I always felt like parents who let their daughters go to ASU usually gave up on them around their sophomore year of High School.- nik

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