To Get By

To Get By

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this worthless pathetic lier and excuse for a women uses sex to lead men on to be able to just lay on her back all day and when she’s used you for all you got she finds someone else to do the same so that she can just get fucked and be able to not work, she pretends she has feelings for you and even deserves an Oscar for how well she can play her role, she has been doing this for years, she has two kids that she would rather leave with an ex so she could go and party and be a the entertainemnt for all to enjoy, she has no self respect, she wears a pound of make up and will tell everyone she was a stripper so that guys will want to fck her but she has many excuses why she can’t really even fake it for you, every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She’s a leech and will suck you dry and then move on with no problem. She will fck multiple dudes in a day without a shower And you can smell the funky. She doesn’t care where as long as she gets it anyone who shows attention can get what they want,.she doesn’t get tested really so be careful. She really is dirty and needs to be put on blast so that she can stop using people and realize how disgusting and sick it is. She obviously doesn’t care about spreading diseases or being badly hurt while prosituting herself for dope or money a place to stay she doesn’t really need or care about why as long as she gets hers and gone before you realize it. Watch out for this one she is a really good actress and can even make you feel sorry for her but don’t shes a wolf in sheep clothing. She’s not even that good looking or good in bed. She can’t do much else or will. She just spends most the day on the phone searching for victims.

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