Girl From VanDirty With DRD

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m welcoming Anya to join because she is one of the most dirty girls i know, she try’s and acts like she’s a good girl but no no let me tell you this girl has been around the world and back x1000 times.  She cheated on her boyfriend Damir to many times to even remember, she slept with this mexican.   Ew & she slept with 2 guys at this party and once she went over to some guys house after a rave that she just meant knowing that she had a boyfriend and the guy she was all over.  Anya have some class you loser your like how old are you? and what are you doing with your life writing little poems on your facebook saying how emo you are because damir doesn’t want you.  Also Nik she has DRD for those who know what that is.

DRD stands for Dennis Rodman Disease… it is the nice term I use in the states for STDS or H*rpes.- nik

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