Girl With A Combover

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White Trash Trailer girl with combover hair

White Trash Trailer girl with combover hair

White Trash Trailer girl with combover hair

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Michayla Zweygardt is the biggest piece of white trailer trash you would ever want to meet. Her horse teeth are HUGE and she’s got some creepy comb over hair. Idk what she’s trying to do, maybe hide her bald head. Her face is full of creepy ass moles that have hair growing out of them. She’s also a huge whore. Shes been banging guys since 8th grade and is especially fond of black guys. That’s really her biggest obsession. She is desperate for attention and try to get it any way she can. If you are a guy and you have a dick, you will easily be able to hook up with this skank. She takes it any way she can get it. When guys give her attention she thinks they actually like her but just want to get in her pants, because she gives it out for free, to literally anyone. So this cmguzzler needs to be put on blast, to expose her nastiness for what it truley is. Guys, unless your truley hard up and dont mind donkey girl, than than you best be gettin it from someone else.

She’s covering a 7head, maybe an 8.- nik

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