Girls With Big Boobs Are Super Smart


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Girls with big boobs are super smart.. DUH!

Girls with big boobs are super smart.. DUH!

Girls with big boobs are super smart.. DUH!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Heather a new breed of butter face and fake tits with daddy issues straight from Alabama. Oh wait, but she says her tits are real. (let me make sure I’m being honest here) So, this wonderful thinned up chub has become the highlight of my social circle. Just moving here a few months ago at the know it all age of 24 years old this girl doesnt work, go to school and favorite thing to do is drink, drink and drink. God forbid you dont share your booze with this little booze hound. She has all the class of a first rate bar fly with the i.q. to match. Apparenlty the only person who cant see her for what she really is.

If she was smart she would know that +2’s don’t hide thunder thighs or her pooch.- nik

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