Glad I Didn’t Take The Easy Way Out

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Yacht Week - 10 copy
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need to thank you for saving me from a life of escorting.  I was in nursing school and only had about a year left when I was ready to throw in the towel.  While I was busting my butt in school, all my girlfriends from high school were out partying and traveling the world with random men that paid them.  They had more money than I did, drove a lot nicer car than I did and managed to live in very nice houses by themselves.  I got so jealous and started to envy them.  While I was hitting the books, all they had to do is sleep with rich old men and get everything they wanted.  I was fed up and ready to join them since I knew how easy it was to do it.  But every time I did consider it, I would think of all the girls that are posted on TheDirty that escort and how no one really had any respect for any of them.  Yes, it is cool to have things, but selling your soul for them, is not worth it.  I decided to stay in school and finish what I started and not take the easy route.  BEST THING I EVER DID.  I love my career and enjoy helping people out, I know am making great money and getting all those things I’ve wanted. While some of my friends are stranded because the partying and drug use has deteriorated their looks and they can’t get any of those high paying clients they use to have.  Thank you for bringing awareness to this Nik.  PS. I knew I won when an old friend of mine called me to privately to inspect her cookie. She caught something from a St. Tropez boat trip. It’s not worth it ladies.

Quick money just leads to great stories of the past and in the end nobody cares.- nik

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