EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Beck – Demands Clock Boy’s Father Pay Up $133k for his Legal Bills in Nasty Defamation Battle

EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Beck – Demands Clock Boy’s Father Pay Up $133k for his Legal Bills in Nasty Defamation Battle

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Glenn Beck has headed back to court in the legal battle accusing him of defaming Clock Boy following his 2015 arrest … and the television personality is demanding the kid’s father pay up $133k to cover his attorney fees for having to defend himself in the suit.

Mohamed Mohamed, the father of Clock Boy, sued Glenn Beck and his company, The Blaze, accusing them of defaming his son during a broadcast following his infamous arrest.

During a broadcast “The Glenn Beck Program” the former Fox News host stated “My theory is that for some reason Irving is important to the Islamists, not the Muslims, but the Islamists. It could be as simple as the progressives trying to turn Texas blue, and this is just the place where they’re just going to start planting the seeds and taking a stand”.

Mohamed demanded unspecified damages for the comments and wanted a retraction from Beck, “acknowledging that the original broadcast was false and erroneous and stating that the Mohamed family are peaceful Muslims who have been falsely accused of being terrorists and engaging in a jihad.”

Ahmed Mohamed aka Clock Boy was arrested in 2015 at his Texas school after showing up with a home-made alarm clock … his teacher took his alarm clock and held onto it without ever raising questions until the police showed up later that day.

Then back in January, The judge threw out all claims against Beck by granting his motion to dismiss the case based on free speech laws. Then the judge came back and granted Beck’s motion for attorney fees in the amount of $133,115 along with $4,653.78 for other expenses.

Mohamed rushed to court shortly after being ordered to pay $133k pleading for the judge to reconsider his decision. He argued Beck’s legal team failed to produce evidence of the time they claim to have worked or agreements signed by the television host stating the amount he would be paying the firm.

A hearing has been set for this month where the judge will hear Mohamed’s plea to reduce the $133k attorney fees judgement.


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