THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you haven’t said yes to any would you in forever, so I decided to change that.  This is Tara Booher from Orlando and this girl is a real model.  She actually gets paid to do this and not just some IG model.  She is what I or any man would call perfection.  I sent in a pic of her full body so you can see what she is working with and those eyes make my greg very happy everytime I see them.  Also, I know she is stunning in pictures, but believe me or not.  In person she is even hotter.  So drum roll… would you Nik?

Answer: I can’t get past the dimple in her leg. I can’t tell if she got shot or if it’s just a fatty deposit. I honestly want to say NO. The eyes are great, but the face overall is weird to me (African American nose on a white girl face). I couldn’t see myself having open eyed sex with Tara Booher.