Gold Digger Soraya

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THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik This is Soraya A. Galan but now this nasty bitch got some nga to marry her so her last name is Wilson! Congrats bitch you can finally get your papers. Not like it matters because she is a dick sucking whore who fucks any drug dealer to get a free ride! She leaves her kids anywhere so she can go from club to club any time she gets a chance she is going out drinking and posting pix of herself on FB like she thinks she looks good! Omg this makeup she has on is do damn outlandish it’s seriously one notch below Drag Queen! She went to Sam Houston high school but the dumb bitch dropped out and claims she has a GED. Not!!!! She works in a lil clinic were she sleeps with all the guys that give her the time of day! And she uses all her child support money for plastic surgery like lipo on her fat ass arms tummy tucks and still looks fat , and that’s because she doesn’t work out and eats a shit load of fast food cuz the bitch can’t cook! She gets food stamps for her and her 3 kids illegally !!!!! She is so fake guys from her color contacts to her weave her big ass fake lashes and still looks like shit!!! Lol please get a nose job and do some cardio! And stop having kids with ppl who don’t want kids from you! Kids are not ment to be welfare checks ! I know her very well cuz she used my brother for money but then the bitch went on to the next sucker when he told her he didn’t want that baby ! She acts like a super ghetto wanna be black chick it’s really sad for her daughters because they must be very confused . And her husband is a piece of shit too who goes to St. James and tricks off his money . Poor Jaden no father figure and that’s Sorayas fault.

What place is copper? or lead?- nik

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