Good Girl, Ashley Isbister

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik it goes something like this, Ashley Isbister used to be innocent..well not so innocent, but you get my point, she has a two year old son, her mom has custody of because actually passed out drunk with her two month old son on her chest, some role model. Today she runs the strip selling her body for every little penny she can get jusst for some little piece of crck, something that will make her feel good for a minute,until her high goes away and she remembers all the guys she slept with for a lame 20$..Even going as low as sleeping with an 80 year old grandpa. She has been doing this for about 6 months now, she also slept with 5 guys in one night, all withen an hour apart & without showering in between, when we walked in the room after, it smelt literally like fish, I dont know how someone can go that low, she used last resort as an excuse, but how can you say that when you havent made one atttempt to find a job and shes had friends offering to buy her ticket back home. She talks alotta shit but when it comes down to it, she runs & lets her friends take the hit for something she did. She uses everyone, uses her poor inocent child in scams to get money, & in the end she will stab you in the back. So tell me nik, Would you?

Answer: No, aren’t guys dress shirts supposed to be baggy on chicks?

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