EXCLUSIVE: Gordon Ramsay – My Ex-Business Partner is a Convicted Felon, Blasts Lawsuit Over Vegas Restaurant

EXCLUSIVE: Gordon Ramsay – My Ex-Business Partner is a Convicted Felon, Blasts Lawsuit Over Vegas Restaurant

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Gordon Ramsay is blasting his former business-partner’s attempt to have a judge grant an injunction against his Las Vegas restaurant…. with the celebrity chef accusing the man of being a convicted felon and demanding his legal battle be thrown out of court.

Earlier this year we broke the story that Ramsay’s ex-partner, Rowen Seibel, sued the chef and the companies behind the Vegas restaurant Gordon Ramsay BURGR’ located in Planet Hollywood.

Things got so bad … Seibel said P.H. was instructed by the chef to divert his 50% cut and sent it directly to Ramsay. Then his agreement was terminated for no valid reason except the execs claimed they feared their gaming and alcohol licenses would be in jeopardy due to a guilty plea he entered in a criminal case last year.

He sued demanding an injunction against Ramsay from continuing to operate the burger joint without him being paid or a court order prohibiting his ex-partners from using the restaurant name, due to him owning the rights.

Then recently, Ramsay headed to court blasting Seibel explaining, “This case represents an attempt by a convicted felon to avoid the necessary effects of his conviction”.

He says his partner was fired due to his own criminal acts which resulted in a felony conviction and felony sentence … and say any harm that the restaurant has been caused is due to Seibel’s acts and omissions alone.

In turn, those acts have damaged both his innocent business associate Gordon Ramsay, and the party invested in running BURGR Gordon Ramsay, Planet Hollywood. In essence, Seibel asks this Court to excuse him from the fallout from his felony conviction and his designation as an “Unsuitable Person” for purposes of associating with a Nevada gaming licensee.

Ramsay is demanding the court not grant an injunction against the Vegas restaurant or allow his former business partner to continue on with the nonsense legal battle.


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