EXCLUSIVE: Gordon Ramsay – Ex-Business Partner Accuses Him of Evil Scheme to Kick Him Out of Vegas Restaurant, Sues Chef Demanding Injunction

EXCLUSIVE: Gordon Ramsay – Ex-Business Partner Accuses Him of Evil Scheme to Kick Him Out of Vegas Restaurant, Sues Chef Demanding Injunction

The Dirty can exclusively report, Gordon Ramsay’s ex-business partner is accusing the famous chef of conspiring to kick him out of the Vegas restaurant he co-founded and now the man has sued demanding he be paid his cut of the profits.

A man named Rowen Seibel sued Ramsay and the companies behind the Vegas restaurant he co-founded named ‘Gordon Ramsay BURGR’.

Back in 2012, he partnered with Ramsay and Planet Hollywood to open a new burger restaurant inside the hotel. He says his companies invested 50% of the capital required to open the restaurant. The deal had the hotel paying them a license fee of 4% of gross sales up to $10 million dollars plus 6% of gross restaurant sales greater than $10 million up to $12 million. Any amount to be paid was prior to any capital repayment that may be owed.

Seibel says there were no major issues with the business until June 2015. He accuses Ramsay and P.H. execs of conspiring together to force him out of the business and misappropriate the restaurant for themselves.

“These efforts were part of a broader scheme by Caesars, its affiliates and Ramsay to force Seibel out of a number of restaurants and misappropriate the revenues and profits from these restaurants for themselves so that they did not have to share such revenues and profits from of these very successful restaurants with Seibel.”

In late 2015, he says P.H. and Ramsay began discussing a scheme to open a new burger-centric restaurant without his participation … contrary to the agreement they signed. He voiced his objection to the partners and they then began a scheme to force him out of the company.

Back in April, he says Ramsay instructed Planet Hollywood to not pay Seibel’s company the 50% monies owed but to send it to his own entity. He says the hotel followed the order and began paying Ramsay directly and cutting him out.

He says his agreement was then terminated in September for no valid reason. The execs told him they feared their gaming or alcohol licenses would be in jeopardy due to a guilty plea he entered in April for a criminal case … something he calls nonsense.

Siebel points out that the hotel execs work with notorious criminal with long histories of arrests and convictions, including some for violent crimes, the most recent of which appears to be the Rapper T.I. whose name is promoted all over Las Vegas as a method to attract people to the club within a Caesars property where he is performing.

He sued accusing the defendants of breach of contract civil conspiracy, unjust enrichment and is demanding an injunction against Ramsay or P.H. from continuing to operate the burger joint without him being paid or a court order forcing his ex-business partners to cease using the restaurant name, due to him owning the rights.

The suit is seeking unspecified damages along with the injunction.


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