Greasy E

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greasy E ( rik razor on facebook) and Mandy Crush aka amanda pear***

greasy E ( rik razor on facebook) and Mandy Crush aka amanda pear***

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, check out amanda and her skanky boyfriend greasy E!!! Greasy E is also known as eric, who is a raging pillhead/crackhead/ or whatever mandy can suck a d*ck and bring home. look at their mangled eyes, these two like to argue about pills and other drugs and hoard from each other! amanda and eric cheat on each other ALL THE TIME, and f8ck other people around by dating them but then running back to one another (probably to do drugs) Amanda likes to dress like a skank and put a bunch of orange make up on her face and take hurting pictures of herself and then write cool comments like “keep hating haters, or you could appreciate” hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA amanda I think the crystle m*th smoke has officially made you retarded!!!! Eric also has a HUGE problem with taking his shirt off, and I mean ANYWHERE ANYTIME!!! this fool with take his shirt off in the rain, the snow, the hail, the sun, it doesnt matter, in doors out doors, at the club, etc. He has even gotten asked to leave the club because the bouncers have had to tell him so MANY TIMES to put his f*cken shirt back on!!! These two are the f*ggiest couple I have ever met……GROSS!!! Notice all their sores and their closed eyes in the pictures….probably the heroin in their systems….time to go home and fight over who took the last hit guys!

Is the residue left over on greasy e’s lips from a glass greg or a human greg?- nik

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