Greatest Mom Ever

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THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this would be Jessica of Lake Havasu. Mother of 2 who thinks that it is cool to leave her kids at home with friends, family and boyfriends, to go out get plastered and sleep with multiple people at a time. I don’t think anyone has seen this girl sober or not hungover. She sits there and will talk sh*t about her ex’s who might have a sh*tty past, but they funny thing is, she was fine with their past while she was spreading her legs to them. I think it is hilarious that she thinks she is god’s gift to men and thinks she is the hottest sh*t since sliced bread. She wasn’t so hot when she was about 50 lbs heavier and stopped eating because she felt that was the health way to lose weight. So ladies and gentlemen you have been warned, think twice before going her way! You might catch something, just look at the last pic that should explain what she is known for.

Her face scares me…I think its the Abe Lincoln chin.- nik

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