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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl f*licia rom*ro is the most stuck up nasty b*tch in the world. Don’t trust this girl with your life. She will ask to borrow somethings of yours and a.) never give it back or b.) give it back to you but it will be ruined, also doesn’t pay you back when you lend her money. She has done this numerous times to people that i know. She still goes to zero gravity and will do ANYTHING to get alcohal from people since she’s still underage. She always reaks of smoke and alcohal because I guess she has nothing better too do with her life. She loses freinds left and right because of the way she acts. Maybe if she would try and stop so hard to fit in then more people would actually like her & not use her for car rides, etc.

How can you be stuck up when you look like you crawled out of a gutter.- nik

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