EXCLUSIVE: Gretchen Rossi – Alleged Stalker Blasts Reality Star for Denying Their Romantic Relationship

EXCLUSIVE: Gretchen Rossi – Alleged Stalker Blasts Reality Star for Denying Their Romantic Relationship

The Dirty can exclusively reveal former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is being blasted by her alleged stalker and his friends… stating under oath the reality star is a liar … with one pointing out he saw with his own eyes the two having sex.

Rossi has been battling it out in court with a man named Jay Photoglou for years. She accused him of being a friend turned stalker who caused havoc in her life by leaking nude photos, threatening her with violence and spreading lies to the press … all which cost her a spot on Real Housewives and $500k a year in gigs.

The reality star was awarded $523k by a jury in a suit she brought against him. He filed for bankruptcy in an attempt to have the judgement discharged. The two are battling it out with her demanding he not be let off the hook.

Recently, Photoglou fired back at Rossi’s allegations he caused her to lose her spot on the reality show and hundreds of thousands in deals. He filed declarations from his friends who – under oath – blast Rossi as a liar.

Chris Winn – a friend of Photoglou – states he met Rossi back in 2008 with Photoglou on a trip to Lake Havasu.

The man explains one morning he saw Rossi and Photoglou having sex in the bedroom in Havasu. The door had been left open but he could still hear them “grunting because they were very loud” from another room.

Another friend claims he witnessed Rossi passionately kiss Photoglou numerous times. He even points out that the two got matching tattoos on their ring fingers … saying they did not hide their relationship from others.

Photoglou filed his own declaration accusing Rossi of having relations with him while still engaged to another man … an engagement she allegedly told him was fake for the show. He says, “I was not a stalker. I was Rossi’s boyfriend”.


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  1. TedJune 22, 2018 at 11:04 AM

    Photoglou – you have a very public 20 year history of restraining orders filed against you by numerous woman. Its a well know rumor your supposed friends hang out with you doing blow and drugging woman. The publicly filed restraining orders describe your BS and lies in great detail. A jury convicted you. Your request for a new trial was denied. You lost your appeal, You filed for Bankruptcy to try and side step the judgement. The BK courts deemed your actions non-dis chargeable because they were done with Malis and intent.

    Public records also state you where caught lying on the stand and filing false documents in court. So your only recourse is to now spread more BS on the dirty? Good luck with that. By the way, haven’t you been arrested at least twice in the last few months? Is it because your bankrupt now and you owe more than $800K to the person you once asked for $1 Million dollars from. You threatened if she didn’t pay you, you would wreck her life? Well now it seems your attempt at blackmail has bit you in the a55. The way interest racks up on judgments, your going to owe her a million dollars in no time. I hope her team collects every penny from you looser.

    Karma is a bitch but your a douche.

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