Grieving Widow

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gem is Nicole Leah Marie Bounds. Her husband died in a car accident in Palmer. The car rolled over him and apparently his face was pretty much non repairable. Well, 3 months after his passing this ‘grieving widow’ is already dating someone else. I was talking to her when she was married. I didn’t know she was married until my friend told me that she was married to his buddy. She was hitting up a whole ton of guys on POF, myself included. She put up some pictures that looked good, but then I saw her in town and damn she is ratchet. Her poor son is going to be confused with all these guys coming in and out of her life. I just feel sorry for her husband that died. Not only did he die, but he had this whore as a wife. Also, she put on quite the act of a grieving widow… It’s nice to see your whore ass drunk, probably off of the money you got from your husband’s death. I didn’t know the guy, but I heard he was pretty great. Obviously he deserved a lot better than this skank bitch. You’re not cute, you’re a whore, and I hope you see his face every night before you go to bed. Nobody in Alaska likes you. Everyone here in anchorage talks about you and how much of a soulless conniving skank you are. Move somewhere else… Nobody wants your nasty vagina killing someone else. RIP to her husband who obviously deserved someone who cared. Sorry buddy. Nicole, as for you… Just leave so everyone doesn’t have to worry about a disease.

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