Grimy DRD scum bag

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen this piece of trash goes around acting like he’s prince charming when in reality he isn’t. He goes around and gives girls DRD and other stuff like warts. He doesn’t tell them either. See what he does is he lures them in and then gets all cute with them and sticks it in them. His previous gf was also an easy sloot and jumped on the chance to do the deed with him. Unfortunately girls who sleep with him will get DRD x2, because he doesn’t tell them about the other little gift he carries. This person is full of little gifts and trust me ladies none of them are presents you want. Tristan meszoly still lives with his parents and he can’t keep a girlfriend. Why? Because he treats girls horribly and he can’t stick to one. Which explains why hes always on dating sites and on the hunt for other girls. He cannot live without the attention from other girls! How sad and when you are almost 26 years old, girls shouldn’t be your main focus. Building a family and future should be but not for this loser. Surprise surprise he is on plenty of fish! And i’ve even provided a picture. I really cannot understand for the life of me why girls go all goggly-eyed for this piece of trash. Have the girls and people of edmonton not learned their lesson for associating with this manipulative cheating DRD giving scum bag? Doesn’t look like it. Also doesn’t look like he’s going to change his ways anytime soon. I feel so sad for girls like his last girlfriend for putting up with his lies and bullsh*t for the past million years, at the same time shes an idiot for not tossing his disgusting ass to the curb. Any girl with a head on her shoulders would have left him. She was kinda sorta on the fat side and was a greasy raver but i mean no one deserves that. He was trying to hook up with nicole shypitka who in fact also worked at HotPhilly with him. He also played his previous for a girl named joanna and go figure he messed things up with joanna too! You don’t stalk a girl, you also dont do stuff with her when your seeing someone else. Also when he was flirting ect ect with nicole at philly he was also seeing julia at the same time, julia i hope you read this because its the legit truth. Ask anyone, please do. Tisk tisk, you really do set yourself up for disaster! how hard is it for you to keep ONE, just ONE girl and be dedicated to them and ONLY them? The rest of the world does it no problem. Your so grimey you even tried to hook up with me and my friends. you also tried to hook up with another girl who worked at philly! her name started with and R. Rhianon i think it was? Fact of the matter is your a loser with a nasty DRD greg that no one wants to see. Not only have you ruined your previous gf’s life by giving her viruses, you’ve also ruined many other girls as well, most likely you gave nicole her DRD. No one would be surprised if you did. I have no idea how this abomination can go to sleep at night knowing what hes done to people! Tristan meszoly you should really get a clue, grow the fu*k up and stop manipulating people and using them. I’ve seen what you’ve done to more than a few girls and it’s repulsive. You might be a man gender wise but to be honest you are very far from what a real man actually is. Do yourself a favor and grow up. You wouldn’t know how to care about someone if a book about how to show someone you care landed right in front of your face. Your reputation is sh*t because of your own doing, you made your bed. Sleep in it. People do see you for who you really are. Bout time they do.

If that hairline creeps back any further he’ll be the one taking the pictures.- nik

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