Guys Beware:Gold Digging Wannabe Model

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Guys Beware:Gold digging wannabe model

Guys Beware:Gold digging wannabe model

Guys Beware:Gold digging wannabe model

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This here is Elaine Joy Anderson, the definition of a gold digger… She is a disgusting, fat, wannabe model who will only talk to you if you have money and are offering to spend it on her in any form. I know for 4 guys that she has scammed over 1k from, while servicing their needs and pretending to like them. As soon as the guys clue in and stop giving her money, she writes them off and ignores them. She thinks that she’s a model, when in fact her claim to fame is doing a bikini contest in some shady bar(in which she didn’t even finish in the top 10), and posing nude for any creepy guy with a camera claiming to be a photographer. I just want any guy coming in contact with this pig to beware, don’t give her any money no matter how many times she goes down on you or spreads her disgusting legs. In the end, she’ll ditch you and leave you with a nasty case of DRD. She is cold, manipulative, and disease ridden to say the least, Elaine you are pathetic.

Her saggers are hanging so low that she doesn’t even have cleavage anymore.- nik

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