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Tag Chasing Gypsy Slut

Tag Chasing Gypsy Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Lynthia Smith. At only 19 years old this girl right here has quite the story. The summary would say she is a “dog tag chasing gypsy”. She lives in between Cleveland, Ohio.. Clarksville, TN.. Texas, and Minnesota all chasing guys to marry. About a year ago she randomly decided to marry an army guy that she met through her friend after talking to him on FACEBOOK after only a week. So she made her drive down to Texas and married the alcoholic dude after barely knowing anything about him. They lasted less than a year because he ended up cheating on her with one of his supervisors, then he went AWOL and now she still cant get a divorce from him for that reason. So instead of packing up her things and heading back to Ohio to get a fresh start the dumbass decided to party it up and be a barracks whore at Fort Campbell with all of her little army girlfriends and wives. She lived from hotel room to friends house than back to hotel room. While all that tag clinking was going on she ended up meeting a soldier and now is seriously involved with him. (BUT REMEMBER LEGALLY SHES STILL MARRIED!!) Well since shes such a smart girl shes now talking abour marriage with him and their engaged….even thought the slut is still married.. but it doesnt bother her. Word is she has tons of drds from all the shacking up she did in the barracks. Last I heard she was trying to get a job at a stripclub or some crap like that and her and her fiance were renting out a room from an older couple near base. All she cares about is finding a husband and making a baby. But the thing is she has NO STANDARDS. Shes only 19.. I mean come on go to college, get a job, or at least get a fresh start somewhere! Alot of guys in town think shes hot as hell…so nik, would you?

Usually its the girls sleeping around on their Charley, not the other way around.  Sleeping with a bunch of guys from barracks is just her payback.- nik

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