Haley Heston’s Private Collection


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after the Olympian/Escort scandal broke 2 days ago I thought it was about time you met Jami Rodman aka Haley Heston of Haley Heston’s Private Collection. She is the madam who has been pimping out the 3 time Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton (amongst numerous other hookers in Las Vegas). She is the definition of DIRTY and really believes she is untouchable. Not only is she guilty of a laundry list of federal and state offenses, she has the audacity to brag about it to whoever will listen. She boasts about being the biggest madam in Las Vegas and how the law doesn’t care about her criminal enterprise. Delusional to the reality of her situation, she has gone so far as to rationalize it as “good publicity for her agency” and “a great way to get her name out there”. She is really that stupid. Apparently she is unaware of the fact that most men wont want to do business with her now that there is probably a federal investigation into her and her shady agency. It shouldn’t surprise anyone when she hands over all of the names and personal information of all of her clients so she can stay out of prison. She is a pathological liar and manipulator, willing to do whatever she has to to save her own ass, even if it means throwing everyone she knows under the bus. Thinking she is the new and improved Heidi Fleiss, she recruits young girls (some of whom are still in high school) and pimps them out for $300-$600 an hour. She is willing to cut deals however if the girl happens to steal your wallet or your Rolex just so you wont post anything negative about her on a message board. She encourages her girls to do “whatever they ask for” even if that includes having sex without condoms. The girls that work for her are either underage full blow drug addicts who smoke meth or heroin or old washed up grandmoms who were in their prime in the 90’s. The whole roster is a sh*t show from the land of misfit wh*res. Desperate for attention herself, she is a sloppy, unkempt, fall down drunk of epic proportions. She has a boyfriend but that doesn’t stop her from f*cking any and everything that gives her a little attention when he is out of town.

I swear that is a dude with a wig on.- nik

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