THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this crazy deranged update obsessed butter face clogs my newsfeed on EVERY social network (all because I am bffs with one of her new “modeling” friends. Who is a dear child hood friend of mine who moved to Boca to go to school and try some modeling) Abby Lynn AKA the C E O of her self proclaimed “Abby Lynn Lifestyle” has uploaded this absolutely horrendous terry robe mirror shot of herself and I just want to cringe every time I see a photo of her skeletor Sophia from the Golden Girls Face. Her most annoying recent post said “I’m gonna be in Tampa SOON!!! Anyone have a condo/Townhouse I can stay at!?!?” Bitch!~!! if your SO bad and beautiful why are you begging for a couch to sleep on?

Its time to hang up the mask.- nik