Harrison Ford Is A Sir Ridley Scott Enthusiast

Harrison Ford Is A Sir Ridley Scott Enthusiast

Actor Harrison Ford appeared at the Sir Ridley Hand and Footprint Ceremony in Los Angeles yesterday, and gave a speech about English film director Sir Ridley Scott that sung Scott’s praises.

“I come to praise Ridley, not to bury him,” Ford began with joking. “The great films that men make live long after them. Those not so much are oft forgotten. So let it be with Ridley. I will tell you he is ambitious… it’s a very, very good thing.”

“Ridley is ambitious to raise the bar- his own bar,” he continued. I’ve never know anyone that’s worked as hard, challenged himself so rigorously, been so prolific as Ridley is. He judges his own efforts as harshly as he may judge others and that’s a good thing. It’s just a part of who he is.”

“He is an artist,” Ford also shared.

It’s nice seeing celebs praise other celebs, so make sure to check out Ford’s entire speech above that makes it clear Ford is a Sir Ridley Scott enthusiast.


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