Heather Does Huntington


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Heather does Huntington

Heather does Huntington

Heather does Huntington

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sleeze bag is Heather Stanley. She’s the dirtiest female I know. She claims to be this good mother but you can find her get sloshed with her friends Mary, Ashley, and Haley. Heather’s “baby daddy” Seth Frank.. if its even his kid is just as nasty. He took me riding on his motorcycle once and told me his miserable he was with her. I thought he was a decent guy til he tried to get me drunk and have sex with me. So glad I didn’t have my beer goggles on that night. Total creep! Heather text my boyfriend all the time trying to hang out but doesn’t get the clue that he doesn’t wanna mess with her nasty *ss. She still looks pregnant and her t*ts are super saggy. I don’t see how anyone would want to mess with her *ss. If you see this girl wrap it up.

You know you were made to be a big girl when elbows have pits.- nik

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