Heather Is Dirty Dirty


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This Bitch Heather Barrington-Beagle-Wisniewski, yah you read it three different last names. This bitch is the laziest I’ve ever encountered. She bitches and yells at her ex-husband for getting laid off and not working for a couple months when she has never even had a job, EVER. She is 28 and has never gotten her license because she doesn’t even know how to drive a car. On top of that, she cheated on her ex numerous time all while accusing him of cheating. She even cheated in him while he was in the living room on the couch and just got done telling her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her, wait that’s not all, she was pregnant at the time with their second child! This bitch falsely accused her ex of hitting her and had him arrested too, all because she is a nut bag. She is paranoid and accuses everyone of calling CPS on her, probably because she is scared that CPS will come and take her kids for good reason too. She lives at home with her mom who she lets abuse the kids, on top of them both smoking Mth in the same room as the children. But that’s not all folks, this bitch truly deserves to be on the Dirty because she is just that, literally. She lives in filth, her house should be condemned, she has like 15 cats that run all over the place and continue to get pregnant. They shit and piss in the living room and no one bothers to clean it up, they leave the backdoor open so the house fills with flies, your shoes will literally stick to the carpet in this house. This bitch isn’t in the Dirty Army Strong she is the General of all the Dirty, but thats just her part time job she also thinks she is going to be rich because she is going to pose nude and be the centerfold in Playboy and Hustler! She is already an amature there is a sex video from when she was 15 floating around.

Why does it look like she has two sets of arms in that first pic, or is that just her muffin saying hi.- nik

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