Heidi Garczynski


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well I’m sure quite a few of us gentleman between Oconto Falls and Shawano wi have had a disturbing experience with this woman . She appears to be a nice lady at first glance and can even pull off the woes me act pretty well .im not usually the type to fall for that sort of thing but her story about her marriage and terribly she was treated I thought the poor woman was battered. Fooled was I as I soon learned this was some sort of game of hers to dive into your wallet . If I can gently add ur wallet would have to be as big as a volk wagon for her to actually fit .but back to Heidi I must warn you guys out there that her putty party sob story is as far fetched as they come. One week into dating this woman she had already figured out my email password was digging around my email and computer and who knows what else while I slept. It may sound nieve that she was wondering my home while I slept but these were after bar evening and she pursuaded her way into staying over if you no what I mean. Yes it was not one of my best decisions and I was a bit impaired. I’m a 65 year old man had not been with a woman in almost 15 years so most men can understand how a little attention to mid section might cause you to make a choice you normally wouldn’t . It started off every time with a nice dinner but she insisted on getting completely inebriated and boy that woman can pound alot of alcohol which wound us up making love from the car to the house every time the woman was all over me it was a new experience for me . She did have some really weird quirks that did make me a bit uncomfortable during sex but I was so drunk the first 10 times .. We’ll you no then I noticed money missing from my wallet or I thought I did so after what I thought to be a few hundred dollars missing I began to carry less cash then the true colors of the nasty bar fly came out as I started to watch and drink less she was constantly huddling money the entire time we were in the bars following men outside returning 15 mins later. Them the borrowing money for rent and groceries started claiming her ex husband left her with thousands of dollars in bills and didn’t pay her any support for his children I was a bit Leary at this point and did some asking around the Oconto co area and boy was I a sucker she was doing this to several men besides myself and whether it’s true or not I was told her husband treated her like a princess she was married to his paycheck not him at all and she was the one that hit him really hard rumor has it he’s paying her 2000 a month in alimony plus paying for all her debt . All I can say is wow I’m glad I inquired about her when I did this lady is mouthing but a lying , money hungry woman that will stop at nuthing to put her hand in your wallet so beware she is still around as of oct 2013

Appears nice in a mugshot???- nik

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