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Help Me Understand

Help Me Understand

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. So I got a nose job a few years ago, not just because my nose was gross but because it had been broken and I had a deviated septum. Now I’m 23 and my boobs are starting to sag a bit. I want to get +2s, a modest set because I’m already a D cup, but the problem is that every boyfriend I’ve told this to tells me not to do it, it’s gross, he’ll leave me. I don’t get it! Wouldn’t they rather have a hotter girlfriend? It’s not like I’m asking them to pay for them. It’s so weird, do you have any thoughts? Brock’s Chick is my +2 inspiration so I included some photos.

Sounds like you date broke losers. Do what makes you feel sexy (+2’s). If you radiate confidence every guy will want to stab your guts.- nik

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