THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , I need your help desperately. I am friends with this girl but I don’t have the courage to tell her how f*ckin ugly her eyebrows are. Like I’m sorry but I am overly embarassed to even be seen with her. I mean she has a great personality once she’s been told to stfu but those eyebrows disgust me in more ways then I could count. On top of it she’s constantly eating greasy food and doesn’t care when she farts real loud and stinks up the whole house making everyone gag! She laughs about it like it no big deal. She says, everyone likes their own brand. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Her ex boyfriend was mad at her telling everyone how she would sh*t her pants and had sh*t stains all over her XXL panties. One more thing stay faar faar away from her when she’s on her rag, she smells like a dead animal, its truly disgusting.

She looks like the aftermath of that one Iphone ap.- nik