Her Daughter Doesn’t Know Mom


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is natalie mcCloskey shes the nastiest tramp in all of Pittsburgh. she is hooked on h**oine bad and will fck anyone for money or for her next high. she has a daughter to this other dead beat geoff and her daughter is 4 and she doesnt even no who her mom is because natalie is such a whore and doesnt live with her daughter and left her poor mother to take care of her. natalies daughter calls natalies mother mom and you no thats pretty sad. natalie has chla**ia and he**tis c so to all the guys out there be aware. natalie is curently pregnant to another guy and she already is dating someone other then her babies dad while shes pregnant thats just gross. thats the guy in the top pic whose dating her while shes pregnant with another mans kid. hes desperate as fck for messin with a girl whose preggnant and the baby isnt even his. yes natalie is pregnant and is fckin another guy other then her babies dad . nik you need to put this whore on blast and let her no to drop the h**oine and go take care of her daughter so her mom doesnt have to. also look up natalie on google and a post will come up how she was arested for he**8ine

Its for the best.- nik

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