Heres The Dirty Truth

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dirty truth

dirty truth

dirty truth

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this is mary SL** its only been the first semester in college and shes already banged at least EIGHT guys (without applying the rule of 3 -american pie) she admits to liking it in the butt ..she admits to wanting three somes. shes taken E at LEAST 4 times already and cannot get enough of it. she is the JOKE of every party around here. she is legit DIRTY tooo. HORRIBLE hygiene, sweats prefusely, i wouldnt even doubt that she never showers, gross! shes a fat bitch and thinks WAY too much of herself. she thinks her friends dont judge her but PUHLEASE everyone knows whats up with that slut. yup, big time SLUTTTTTTTT no guy should EVER date this chick or even bang her. TRUST ME SHE HAS BEEN AROUNDDDDDD word is she was an even BIGGER slut in high school. god help this chick. So Nik, would you?

Answer: no.  I’m embarrassed that you even asked.

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