THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I had to put this guy on blast. His name is Jake Deselle and he has been stealing tweets from this guy, copying and pasting them to his facebook status and claiming them as his own so that all his friends think he is funny. Truth is he isn’t funny, he’s actually really f*cking annoying. I get it people do this sometimes they will post a facebook status after reading a funny tweet that someone else posted and put it as their facebook status…but this guy is doing it multiple times a day, doesn’t even put it in quotes just claims it as his own, and people have called him out before but he just denies denies denies and says he’s original and doesn’t nees to steal other people’s tweets. Well the proof is in the pudding lol this douchebag finally got caught.

Those comments aren’t  funny or entertaining, what’s the point?  Also, just gunna throw this out there, don’t be mad cause his comments are getting more attention then yours.- nik